Hôtel du Palais
Hôtel du Palais
Hôtel du Palais - Réunion piscine
Hôtel du Palais - Salon Impérial
Hôtel du Palais - Salon Impérial
Hôtel du Palais - Salon Impérial

Rendez-vous avec l'Hôtel du Palais, pour vos évènements d'affaires!

Our team spirit is ready to kick off your seminars.

Built by Napoleon III directly on the Atlantic Ocean, the Hotel du Palais is an exceptional venue whose reputation goes far beyond French borders.
Recognized as one of the 16 Palace category hotels in France, the property is one of the only luxury hotels to be a member of the Comité Colbert, and earns the prestigious Living Heritage Company label on an annual basis. Backed by a century of guest service experience, the entire team strives to convey the values of French Hospitality.

Our Imperial Salon: the winning point
General Assemblies, conventions, international summits, product launches, new car presentations, incentive meetings for the most deserving employees… our Salon Imperial, the Hotel’s former ballroom, fully renovated and bathed in natural light, is the perfect playing field for all of your events.


1 Avenue de l’Impératrice
64200 Biarritz
Tel : 05 59 41 64 00