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2nd french Interministerial Committee on Tourism: Focus on 4 key measures making France a better MICE destination

Paris, January 24 - In France, an interministerial committee on tourism (CIT) takes place every 6 months. Involved ministers (such as Foreign Affairs,Transport...) then meet to talk about tourism and what kind of measures to take in order to improve visitors’ experience. The second meeting was took place on January 19. Find out on 4 of the key measures taken to work on quality, simplicity, security and attractiveness and keep France one of the best MICE destination.


The Government wished to amplify the actions taken to ensure that tourists have quality experience when it comes to France.

The MEAE visa issuance program in less than 48 hours is proving successful
- 8 new countries included in the program
- Russia: + 60% in 2017 => one of the strongest progressions of the network
- India: + 30% in 2017 => which puts France at the top of the Schengen countries

Decrease noted lines at departures and arrivals from Paris' airports.
 In 6 months, a chain of measures have been adopted. Results are significant:
- additional staff deployed on both airports,
- deployment of 90 biometric facial recognition SAS by the summer of 2018,
- implementation of an automatic tool for measuring the waiting time in real time,
- adaptation of the control infrastructures to let it monitor the increasing flow,
- dissemination of new organizational methods.

• Establishment of a perennial device for the cleaning of motorways between the airports and the capital: the government has released a budget of 4 million euros per year.

• Launch of the DATA TOURISME platform: The launching of the institutional tourist open data platform took place on December 12th, allowing access to more than 56,000 free data about tourism and leisure. The platform will soon be enriched with new data (accommodation, commerce, catering) and new features (English, statistics). 
Currently more than 900 users have already searched for data on the platform. This action has helped to integrate them into tourist or geolocation applications, and it has also helped with the creation of services for tourists. http://www.datatourisme.fr/

• Launch of Atout France's new website france.fr: The launching of the portal france.fr is allowing ATOUT FRANCE to become an even more influential media voice for all French destinations. ATOUT FRANCE is already known for its international marketing and commercial promotion efficiency thanks to tailor-made or collective actions such as RendezvousenFrance, press communication, connections with influential bloggers, thematic segments, etc. Aimed to inspire visitors, france.fr is a creative and cultural open window on all territories. Find out more about here: http://www.france.fr/

• A Culture / Tourism Convention for the implementation of a cultural tourism policy.


The government is therefore ready to ease the administrative burden of secondment for exhibitors and employees who participate in professional and scientific events, particularly the obligation of prior declaration.

The enabling law of September 15 changes the national regulations on posting (administrative formalities), considered very heavy by a large number of professionals.

This text will also concern other categories of employees, especially artists and athletes. It all depends on the nature and duration of their activity.

In line with the decision to strengthen number of major global events, the deployment of a specific strategy focused on flagship international congresses and conferences with economic growth and high potential will also be supported over the next five years.


In accordance with the tourism security plan adopted in 2016, the CIT was an opportunity to take stock of the measures taken since:

 1. Establishment of the departmental council "tourism and security.
2. Development of the mapping of sensitive sites.

3. Attribution of the "securi-site" label: launched in the summer of 2017, the label has been awarded to 559 sites to date. 148 sites are under examination.
4. Designation of a single departmental referent "tourism and security".

5. Establishment of an interministerial committee to monitor the security of cultural establishments and events.


As announced by President Macron on September 27th, the government supports a plan untitled Goût de France / Good France. The project is meant to promote the excellence of French gastronomy abroad and to show the quality of a healthy, seasonal and local diet that is also environmental friendly.

The ambition is to make France the country renowned for the versatility of its gastronomy, as well as to support agricultural transformation towards healthier and more sustainable eating habits. It is an ecological and environmental aand it is in line with the position of France that was showcased at the One Planet Summit on December 12th.

A 1.5M € budget is entrusted to a task force in constitution, housed at Atout France, which will operate on the model of the FRENCH TECH*.

3 major dates will punctuate the agenda of French gastronomy in 2018:

• March 21st: To celebrate the vitality of French cuisine, for the 4th year in a row, the operation Good France / Goût de France will bring together more than 3,000 restaurants (including 2,000 abroad) in 150 countries.

• June : A "Davos of gastronomy" will bring together all important actors that will make Paris the world capital of debates on the evolution of tastes and consumption patterns.

• From September 21st to 23rd, the festival of gastronomy titled Goût de France will be the big and popular event allowing professionals to share their talents, know-how and local specialties (offering banquets, tastings, picnics, workshops, conferences ...).

And last but not least in 2019, the three operations will be gathered around under the same name Good France / Goût de France.